Develop Android applications using NetBeans IDE.

NBAndroid is a set of modules that lets you develop Android applications in NetBeans. It works with standard projects supported by Android SDK. You will be able to edit, build, run & debug, and test your application. Both emulator and real-devices are supported.

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Core NBAndroid

NBAndroid gives you possibility to develop applications for Android platform in NetBeans IDE. It provides a bridge between the IDE and Android SDK and defines a project type for Android projects with a support for editing building and execution of your applications.

NBAndroid extensions

NBAndroid Extensions are an additional set of modules that extends functionality of NBAndroid. With features like navigation support, GUI layout preview and Gradle project support you will be more effective while developing your applications.


If you register for free evaluation plan you can use full set of features available in NBAndroid and NBAndroid extensions for one month. After that period of time you can purchase your subscription or continue to use the free open source plugin. Extension features will be locked again.

Evaluation key was created and mailed.

Personal plan

When you purchase subscription for you will obtain key to unlock NBAndroid functions that remains valid for one year. You can obtain personal subscription as an individual developer. Such a key can be used by one person. You can use it on more machines assuming that only one installation of NBAndroid plugin is active at a time. The cost is €15. Your payment will be billed to Radim Kubacki, Prague, Czech Republic, who runs site and maintains the plugin.

Use this 'Pay Now' button also if you want to renew your subscription.

Subscription key will be mailed automatically. If you don't see it make sure to also check your spam folder as some mail servers (including GMail) inappropriately mark it this way.

Other usage

Send your comments or requests to subscriptions at if you have questions about this. For example if you made a donation or contribution in the past or want to use it in a team special arrangement can be made.